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  • Benediction

    The Artisan – Helga Isager

    Helga Isagers new book The Artisan just arrived in my mailbox and it is beyond beautiful. I’ve been in a bit of a slump when it comes to knitting lately. In fact I have…

    1st March 2017
  • Benediction

    Khaite and some thoughts on simplicity

    The brand new ready to wear line Khaite has got me sighing so hard. More specifically that boiled Cashmere oversized cardigan in the above pic *insert moan*.  From what I can demise it is produced locally…

    15th June 2016
  • Queue

    Knitting for Summer II

    Last year I wrote a bit about my infatuation with Summer knitwear and more generally Summer knitting. I still think it is the bees knees so I thought I’d revisit the theme and share…

    13th June 2016
  • Queue

    Knitting for Summer

    Lately the weather around here has been improving ever so slightly and I am beginning to hope for an actual summer. Hopefully spent by the sea wearing lots of knits! Maybe that doesn't sound…

    9th June 2015
  • Queue

    The Linn Sweater

    This sweater has lived in it's own constantly open tab in my browser for a while now. I look at it often just to take in that amazing little dolman twist and daydream about…

    9th May 2015