Khaite and some thoughts on simplicity

15th June 2016

khaite_760The brand new ready to wear line Khaite has got me sighing so hard. More specifically that boiled Cashmere oversized cardigan in the above pic *insert moan*.  From what I can demise it is produced locally in the US, with at least some of the sweaters knit by hand (!) in New York City, which is a nice touch. It is of course priced accordingly (that sweet as cardi is 1.250 bob…) but I am totally contend with looking at it and drawing inspiration from the feel of the designs. There is something so tactile and soothing about that light camel knit.

In this New York Times article Catherine Holstein, the woman behind the label who apparently used to design knitwear for the Gap talks about rooting her designs in great materials and craftsmanship which is a way of thinking I can definitely relate to. Leaving space for the wool to do it’s thing is something that I am constantly trying to get better at, both when I am choosing what patterns to knit or designing my own. Striking the balance of making something that is clean and not overdesigned while still being interesting is, in my book, way harder and more daring than it is to hide behind loads of bells and whistles. It is all about trusting the material and proportions to work toward something that is ultimately just really pleasing to wear. As I am getting deeper and deeper into this designing thing (I AM! Did I tell you?) these thoughts are in the forefront of my mind. Especially the marriage between simple wearable garments and a pattern that I as a knitter actually want to knit. Not to mention everybody else who might not be as in love with working tons of stockinette on tiny needles as I am. But alas my goal is ultimately to end up with a beautiful and easy wardrobe so that has to be the focus. This suave cardigan would so be a welcomed guest in my closet. Ah dreams.


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