The Linn Sweater


This sweater has lived in it’s own constantly open tab in my browser for a while now. I look at it often just to take in that amazing little dolman twist and daydream about effortlessly throwing it on in the morning. The designer is a lovely lady called Elizabeth Suzann, based out of Nashville ( …where Karen Templer from Fringe Association is also located, what’s up Nashville!?).

Reading her statement feels a bit like reading a very precise description of the thoughts in my head, and maybe even the craft movement as a whole, it rings true in so many ways. Especially this tidbit hit home with me

We strive to create thoughtful, well-designed, and long-lasting garments.  By ultimately creating seasonless pieces that can be worn a myriad of ways, we aim to discourage the disposable view of clothing that has become increasingly pervasive.  Our hope is to return to the days of a minimal, functional wardrobe worthy of care and passing on.


The sweater is sold out as it should be, but this simple silhouette has definitely made it into the little checklist of ideas I have for what I want to wear and of course make. Instead of the boiled wool the original is sown out of, I am contemplating knitting a summery tee in a silk/wool blend or maybe a linen that I can wear on top of absolutely everything this summer. I might just have a cone of silk somewhere…



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The Linn Sweater

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