Knitting for Summer

SummertopsLately the weather around here has been improving ever so slightly and I am beginning to hope for an actual summer. Hopefully spent by the sea wearing lots of knits! Maybe that doesn’t sound like signs of a sunny, warm summer, but I am seeing so many amazing knitted tops everywhere just now and it’s probably my favourite thing. There are 90’s inspired halters, loads of cropped numbers and mostly just a lot of breezy feeling stitches. I want to get in on the action, so right now I am swatching for a raw silk top that me and my awesome friend Amalie came up with on a little impromptu knit retreat weekend we had a couple of weeks ago. If you’re curious you can check out the swatch on my very new Instragram account right here (or in the sidebar where I added an Instafeed). I also made a little Summery pinterest board if you want some more inspiration for warm weather knits. You can find that here.

What are your summer knitting plans? Do you knit with summery fibers or continue using wool? Do you stop knitting completely?


The tops in the images are from the top and left to right:

Urban Outfitters

Elizabeth and James

Subtitled spread found at Visual Optimism

Eckhaus Latta

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Knitting for Summer

  • Hi Simone :) I just discovered your blog through Karen’s Fringe Association blog. I read that you were Swedish, I’m actually Danish, living in France (I’m a young photographer, if you’re curious to take a look on my website you’ll see some of my work), and going for the first time in Sweden ! I don’t have much time there though, I’m passing through as Bergen, Norway, is my destination. I was curious if you knew about a nice place in Göteborg where there would be something about knitting/wool/crochet ? A shop, a cafe, I don’t know :) It may be a long shot but thought I might just try and ask! I tooootally agree with you on these knitted tops, there are on my list too, I simply love them. And it’s not something you see everywhere (meaning on every girl!), it’s something special.
    Best wishes, Caroline xx

    1. Hej Caroline!
      I live in Sweden, but I am actually very Danish! Grew up in good old CPH. Before I moved to my current residence in Karlskrona I studied Photography at the Art Academy in Gothenburg so we have something in common there :) Are you going to be studying in Bergen?

      Gothenburg is not exactly a knitting Mecca but there are a few places well worth a longer visit. Stop by the yarn shop Strikk, they have a lot of amazing yarns/tools and do very simple beautiful patterns as well. Definitely one of the more stylish yarn shops in Sweden. Then there is Knapp Carlsson They sell sewing tools, mostly Buttons. I find the shop completely magical. It looks like an old apothecary with a counter running the length of the shop and loads of little drawers covering the walls. Even if you’re not looking to buy it is well worth the visit. If you are stopping by the Hasselblad Museum (definitely go) there is a yarn shop on the way called Deisy Design, but they mostly sell Drops yarns, which I think is the problem for most of the yarn shops in Gothenburg so I will end my yarn recommendations there :) If you are looking for a good cafe check in the area around Järntorget or Grönsakstorget, the latter also has my favourite Hot Dog shop (Gourmet Korv).
      Håber du har en super hyggelig tur!

      1. Hej Simone! Thank you so much for your sweet sweet reply!

        Wow it’s amazing that you studied photography as well! How long ago was that? Did you like the School? Does it mean that you are a professional photographer? :)

        Oh and you’re Danish that’s so cool! Så kan vi jo godt skrive på dansk ^^ Jeg er bare lidt langsom til det nu hvor jeg aldrigt had faktisk boet i DK! Actually er jeg på vej till Bergen med min søster for at møde noget familie vi ikke kendte til før her i maj-månede! Så det er vi vildt spent på along with discovering the amazing landscapes :)

        Thank you so much for your ideas of shops, I will absolutely go and see them :) The Hasselblad Museum was on my list too, so glad that you comforted the idea!

        I’ll keep in touch to tell you what I thought of all this after I’ve come back home!

        Have a sweet sweet afternoon,

        Kærlig Hilsen Caroline

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