The Artisan – Helga Isager

The Artisan - Helga IsagerThe Artisan - Helga IsagerThe Artisan - Helga Isager

Helga Isagers new book The Artisan just arrived in my mailbox and it is beyond beautiful. I’ve been in a bit of a slump when it comes to knitting lately. In fact I have spent most of my knitting time planning my vegetable garden. Apparently I need to daydream about Summer and light and all that good stuff, more than I need to knit right now. February has been particularly drap and I am so ready for the seasons to change (hello, March!). However when I look at this collection I am reminded of all the things I love about this one. Im into Winter as a time of rest and introspection. Which can mean knitting, but sometimes it means that I have to hone my energy and just pile on delicious inspiration for the more active parts of the year.

That is what I feel the Artisan is. Pure inspiration. The kind that makes you want to rethink your practice or simply cast on everything. It has been a while since I’ve been so into a collection as a whole. It is very true to Helga’s style which tend to lean a little more “feminine” (for lack of a better word) than mine, but I can actually see myself wearing most of it with ease. The entire thing is basically a capsule wardrobe. The designs are cohesive without being monotonous and it has an impressive variation of techniques and construction. Everything is meticulously thought out with just the right amount of details. My bet is you could knit the entire thing and not be bored. Neither with knitting it nor wearing it. I probably wont go that far, but all of the above designs have definitely jumped into the top of my queue. I’ve been looking for the perfect Cardigan to fill a gap in my wardrobe. So I think I might have to start on an Ebony cardigan. Then I can also practice my pretty limited set-in sleeves skills. Win-win.

If you’re interested in the collection as well I should tell you that the current release of the book is in Danish. However, I talked to Helga and she told me that both an English and German version will be out March 27th.

Now excuse me while I go be sardonic about something to make up for all this gushing.

Images from the top to bottom

Twine rolled neck sweater

Ebony cardigan

Pearls raglan sweater

Birch kimono

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The Artisan – Helga Isager

  • This looks stunning, can’t wait for the English version. Does anyone know where the shoes in the third pic are from?

  • where did you purchase this? can’t find it..

  • Helga is such a fabulous designer. She rarely releases anything that I don’t love!

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