A Vest and making a queue

vestsI have a to-do list in my head of all the things I would like to knit. This is of course not an ideal system at all. I’ve tried using the Ravelry queue but usually I will just add stuff on a whim, meanwhile I will randomly queue more stuff until it is just a list of projects I at some point found interesting. Recently I decided to delete the whole thing and it actually felt kind of freeing. I want to be more intentional with the clothes I make, and for that I don’t need an impossible amount of items on a list or scribbles in notebooks and papers spread around the house, which is another system (ahem) I’ve used when I had to get the ideas out of my head. I love my notebooks, but for me they work the best for actual sketches or for writing down my favourite techniques, that way I dont have to google every time I forget how to start a tubular cast on.

So I think a good solution to my knitting to-do list woes is to share my queue here one project at a time. That way I’ll have all my thinking and inspiration pics in one spot (that is not my head). There will be some accountability, it being public and all and who knows maybe some of you guys will get inspired too! I actually started doing this already but without realising it could work as my queue. You can see the other posts here and here.  To make it a little easier to find I’ve gathered these posts under the category tag Queue, found in the sidebar.

At the top of my to-do is a Vest, the worlds most undervalued garment. I have been wanting one for a while and at the same time I’ve been following Karen Templer go from inspiration to actual beautiful vest, which definitely cemented my cravings. I want mine to be a bit more casual, somewhere between 70’s boheme and full on grandpa. Laid back and easy to wear. In my part of the world the weather is always changing, which means that I am constantly layering my clothes and a vest would work all year for that. Worn over a top on chilly summer evenings or with finely knit sweaters when winter hits. As far as the actual practical knitting goes, I am very much still in a planning phase and a full pattern hasn’t crystallised yet. What I have is a little list of features. I want it to be open, oversized and buttonless and I love the idea of chunky cables like the A piece A part vest shown above. A while back I bought 8 skeins of incredibly soft bulky grey yarn that I think will fit perfectly for this, so I will start swatching to figure out the stitch pattern once i am done with the two summertops I am currently knitting.

How do you arrange your queue? Do you use Pinterest or Ravelry or do you go the more traditional way with notes and sketches or maybe a fashionary notebook?

The images are from the top and left to right:

The Row Pre Fall 2015

Ryan Roche Fall 2015

Massimo Dutti

Apiece Apart 2013

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A Vest and making a queue

  • I have tried many of the techniques you describe and have been pretty unorganized about it. Currently my queue exists mostly in Evernote. This seems to be working for me…for the moment.

    1. Oh Evernote is brilliant, I can totally see this working!

  • I actually use the Ravelry queue as a pinboard. But you’re right, it has to be pruned regularly! I can see what is drawing me, (be it a garment type or a specific technique) …but this is not the final stage… it’s more a way of exploring an idea before it floats away.

  • I’m more of a traditional sketchbook & pencil kind of gal. I’ll print out an inspiration mood board and email myself the link/inspiration to make it.

  • Keep your patterns are talented.

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