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    Knitting for Summer II

    Last year I wrote a bit about my infatuation with Summer knitwear and more generally Summer knitting. I still think it is the bees knees so I thought I’d revisit the theme and share…

    13th June 2016
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    White Mittens

    It is Autumn and I am spending as much time as possible walking through the woods scouting for mushrooms. We celebrated the recent Equinox doing just that. Out a little bit too late with…

    25th September 2015
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    A Vest and making a queue

    I have a to-do list in my head of all the things I would like to knit. This is of course not an ideal system at all. I’ve tried using the Ravelry queue but…

    21st July 2015
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    Knitting for Summer

    Lately the weather around here has been improving ever so slightly and I am beginning to hope for an actual summer. Hopefully spent by the sea wearing lots of knits! Maybe that doesn't sound…

    9th June 2015
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    The Linn Sweater

    This sweater has lived in it's own constantly open tab in my browser for a while now. I look at it often just to take in that amazing little dolman twist and daydream about…

    9th May 2015