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  • Progress Report

    A year of Simple House Slippers

    I just realised that this month it has been a year since I published the Simple House Slippers pattern, and what a year! Writing the pattern was a pretty isolated experience of researching, test…

    31st July 2016
  • Progress Report

    Looking for Testers

    Deprecated: Function create_function() is deprecated in /customers/4/f/a/ on line 1858 THE TEST HAS BEEN FILLED! Like I’ve mentioned a few times I’ve been in the process of finalising a couple of patterns for a while and now it is time to send one into the…

    21st June 2016
  • Progress Report

    So many Simple House Slippers

    Its been a while since I’ve written something here, it’s really not for lacking of trying but I was suddenly struck by a little bit of writers block and so decided to take a vacation…

    9th September 2015
  • Progress Report

    Cardigan progress

    I took this picture of my current work in progress last week when I was visiting my mom’s workshop in Copenhagen. At some point it might be a cardigan but right now it’s a pile!…

    11th May 2015