So many Simple House Slippers


Its been a while since I’ve written something here, it’s really not for lacking of trying but I was by suddenly struck a little bit of writers block and so decided to take a vacation from the blog to work on other semi secret projects and enjoy the last weeks of summer. Apparently I can be a bit arbitrary.

In the meantime I’ve been watching the Simple House Slippers projects tick in on ravelry. I cannot even begin to describes how incredible it is to watch text I wrote be transformed into all of these little beautiful projects. All of them with their own identity. The shear variety of modifications and colors are amazing. Here are a few different approaches to the pattern that I enjoyed.

As always you can find the pattern here

Photos from top to bottom

○ Noisedoll knit her slippers in a beautiful pure silver grey yarn keeping it as simple as possible. She also knit them under a blue moon and that kind of ritual knitting is appreciated here at the Temple.

○ Koukutettu chose to do a half way marl but instead of grading the transition she left it as a stark line.

Ohut were one of the first to knit these slippers and I think the idea of a tweed yarn for this pattern is brilliant. She does however note the importance of knitting slippers in a strong yarn to avoid them wearing to pieces. Something I can only get behind.

○ RadiantReflection used a thicker yarn for the garter part to make the slippers stronger and then changed to a glittery yarn. A perfect workhorse to glam combo if ever there was one.

There are of course many other awesome versions. Some worth mentioning are Apfelschnute‘s inspired red toe, Kangabrat who experimented with a mix and match pair or Lojaroe who knit slippers for her wedding party like a pro. I definitely wouldn’t mind attending a party like that. The super talented and newly Scandinavian Dianna Walla is also knitting a pair in a softly marled yarn. I cant wait to see the finished project.

After looking at all of these I am definitely have to squeeze a new pair into my hardpressed knit queue. I think I will have to go the marled route as well maybe even experiment with some color… Off to the stash I go!

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So many Simple House Slippers

  • a universe of knitters. United through killers. Few things better.

    Great to have you back.

  • I have been planning to make a few as christmas gifts! I am glad that there is more inspiration out there for me to draw from!

  • I was going to cast on for these tonight!! Now I am second-guessing my yarn choice (The Plucky Knitter, Scholar), because there are just so many wonderful possibilities! I guess I’ll just have to make more then one pair!!

  • Love your slipper patterns. I was interested on how you did the cuff. Thanks

  • I love your pattern for the slippers. I was interested in how you did the cuff. Thanks for the pattern

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