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Like I’ve mentioned a few times I’ve been in the process of finalising a couple of patterns for a while and now it is time to send one into the world! First up is a test knit of my yet to be named Summer top. So if you need a holiday project or a knitting adventure (who doesn’t?) don’t hesitate to write me, I can help! I am looking for 2 testers to knit every size (10 in all) over the next month while of course staying in contact with me. The pattern is simple but interesting, and I don’t suppose the test will be any different. Or it might be like that movie San Andreas in which case I will try to at least get The Rock involved… Ok dad jokes asides here is the nitty gritty.

Some words on Yarn, Gauge and Needles
This pattern is not written for one specific yarn instead I want it to work with Summer fibers like Cotton, Linen or Silk. For this test I would like it to be knit up in a variety of yarns, not just the Silk that I used, and actually also different weights!
How does that work? Well for my sample I used this very skinny lace weight Raw Silk which gave me a drapey, light and just shy of opaque fabric, perfect to wear over bikini tops when it is hot out. Because these kinds of yarns have very little give they won’t fill out the stitch the same way woolen yarns do and generally the stitches tend to be bigger. Which in turn means that knitting with these fibers on small needles will give the same gauge as a woolen yarn on larger needles. For example my lace weight Silk, knit on 2mm needles gave me a gauge equivalent to a Fingering/Sport weight yarn according to Ravelrys standards. Like I mentioned it isn’t 100% opaque, which leaves some wiggle room for other weights. So I wondered wether I might be able to use a heavier but equally unspringy yarn and still get gauge and more importantly a wearable fabric. I tested it with a light fingering weight recycled cotton yarn (400m as oppose to the silks 620m pr. 100g.) from my stash and got exact gauge using 2.5 mm needles! As is to be expected the fabric isn’t as drapey as the lace silk, but has the benefit of being completely opaque. Despite the weight difference both fabrics are great and would compliment the pattern well.
The idea of sliding between different yarn weights and getting more or less open knits as a result is of course nothing new and just a part of knitting. However I want to make sure that it is actually build into the testing process, especially since the pattern is not tied to a specific yarn. Hopefully this will make the whole thing more of an adventure. A rummage through the stash, find a gem and get going kind of adventure.

If you want to know more about knitting with these kinds of yarns, I recommend Elizabeth Dohertys excellent post about linen on the Quince and Co. blog which definitely applies here.

Pattern Info

  • Gauge: 27 stitches x 38 rows for 10 cm x 10 cm (4″ x 4″)
  • Sizes: 80 –  88,8 –  96,2 – 103,7cm  ;    31,4 – 34,9 – 37,8 – 40,8″ (bust circumference)

So what do you need to join?

  • 80-200g of Summer Yarn (Cotton, Linen or Silk) that will lay flat. It has to be a thinner yarn, anything light Fingering and below should work. Solid/heathered colors work best with this pattern.
  • A needle that will get you on gauge.  Depending on your yarn anything between 2mm to 3mm (0-2 US).
  • Time to knit and finish it over the next 4 weeks and a want to communicate, ask and answer questions. It is also a total plus if you are familiar with ravelry and instagram and like to use it.
  • The pattern is appropriate for slightly advanced beginners to intermediate knitters, but for testing purposes it is important that you have at least some experience knitting from patterns.


If you want to join me on this little knitting adventure send an email to and I’ll send more information your way!


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