New Pattern: Hilma Mittens

Trying to make a TNT Pattern?

The Hilma Mittens are here and I thought I would write a bit about my design process. In the sewing community there is this notion that I always come back to. It is the idea of the Tried and True pattern or TNT. It describes a pattern you make over and over again. A TNT pattern is specific to you. It is your fall back project, the one you have made so many times you hardly have to look at the text anymore.

I think about this a lot when I develop new patterns. I want to make patterns that are so fun to both knit and wear, that they become TNTs. First and foremost for myself, because thats really the only way to do it right? But definitely with the hope that other people will use them like crazy! I think I have been lucky enough to make a few patterns like that, both The Simple House Slippers and The Crew Socks are my comfort knitting and go to’s for me (and even luckier quite a few other people) when I am in between larger projects.

It was with this in mind that I worked on the Hilma Mittens. I started with a list of what a perfect mitten pattern would be for me and it looked something like this:

  • First of all a great fit, ESPECIALLY around the thumb.
  • Identical left and right mitten so I don’t have to think about grabbing the right one.
  • A rounded top. Pointy mittens are just not my jam.
  • Fun to knit. To me that means a balance between easy work and interesting techniques or construction.
  • Beautiful FO without being boring.
  • Customisable.

Kind of a lot to live up to haha!
I love this method though. It makes it really easy to rule out details and techniques if they don’t live up to the list. For example an afterthought thumb is very pretty and certainly has its uses, but it is definitely not a perfect fit for ANY hand (I know, shots fired). Many sketches and tests later and I think I have found my version of a TNT mitten pattern. Besides just being a very pleasing and well-fitted FO, I can imagine so many funky versions. It can also be worked in the classic combo of merino/silk mohair and uses very little yarn, which makes it a prime candidate for scrap yarn / stash busting. Next on my list is a pair made out of all my mohair scraps in different colors.

You can find the pattern and all the details in my shop here (or below) or on Ravelry here.

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New Pattern: Hilma Mittens

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