White Mittens

whitemittensIt is Autumn and I am spending as much time as possible walking through the woods scouting for mushrooms. We celebrated the recent Equinox doing just that. Out a little bit too late with a thick fog, an orange moon and not a lot of fungi (it was nearly dark out so go figure). Even though it was beautiful it was also the first time I’ve had to pile on clothes to keep warm. So now I am craving warm cushy fall gear and one thing my heart is set on is a pair of thick, rustic white mittens. I really love the idea of a white or whiteish pair to stand out against my navy blue coat, and now that I think about it I might have the perfect yarn!
I was on a camping trip this winter (In minus degrees. I obviously make sensible choices) and celebrated New Years in Amsterdam with friends. While there I visited the beautiful little yarn shop Stephen and Penelope run by Malia Mathers and Stephen West.
3 skeins of Quince and Co‘s alpaca/wool blend Owl found their way into my stash. I generally buy yarn for specific projects but this time my swatches just didn’t work out, so the yarn have been hanging out on a shelf above my desk waiting for me to get cracking. It happens to be the colorway Buru, a beautiful off white beigey color. With the rustic hand of the yarn I think it will be perfect for a project like this.

So now that I have decided on a project and the yarn to use, I’ve gathered some inspiring projects and patterns. All of these mittens are rustic, a bit chunky, very simple but with effective and beautiful details. As you have probably figured out that last bit is essential to me. Dont get in the way of awesome wool is what I say. I’ll start drawing and swatching right away. What are your favourite Mitten pattern? Are you knitting a new pair this year?

Photos from top to bottom

Sara McNeil is a gifted illustrator who also knits perfect mittens.

This pattern by Amy Loberg and Suzy Beggin is a recreation of Revolutionary war mittens! So badass. The rough looking 6×2 ribbing and that chunky decrease at the top are brilliant to me. The boxy comfortable sweater of Mittens..

Purl Soho is always spot on and their free pattern Arched Gusset Mittens are cut to the bone and beautiful. The slanted lines of the gusset and the top are the only element. No ribbing, no fuss, just scrumptious yarn. Ahhh.

Autumnalys knit a beautiful light version of the Woodland Tales mittens from the Wool issue of Pom Pom magazine making the lacy pattern seem effortless.



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White Mittens

  • Perfect timing for this post! I have been itching to cast on mittens for holiday gifts….. Thanks.

  • I hear you. The temperatures have gown down suddenly here in Montreal, and all I could think of this morning was mittens. I have a pair in my queue and the yarn in my stash: the iMitts 2.0 Texting Mittens, perfect to keep your hands warm and still use your favorite mobile device t the same time. The cream colored yarn contains silver, but you can also buy separate silver thread and combine it with your favorite yarn to get a pair of texting mittens.

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