The First Mass (kind of)


Back when Temple of Knit was just a little blogspot blip, I would do Sunday Mass posts once in while. Sunday Mass was simply a place to share all the fiber related stuff I found inspiring during my day to day. Get it? It is a mass of links, not the kind with psalms and preaching (I have no problem with those FYI). Oh how I chuckled when I came up with that. My corny humour aside I do feel like a Temple should have ceremonies. So I have decided to bring back the tradition in a more simplified form. No specific day or schedule. Just organically gathered gems of varying size and quantity.

So welcome to Mass! To kick off it off, I want to point to the inspiration already gathered here on the site. The Resources page. Since I didn’t announced it when I first made it, I’ll call some attention to it now. I update it regularly and try to keep it focused on some of the things that are especially close to my heart. Specifically Makers based in the Scandinavian region. As well as useful articles and the likes on Sustainable Practice and Slow Fashion. If you haven’t already looked around, I recommend a cup of tea and some leisurely perusing.

I recently added a few things that I think are worthy of some extra attention:

Vestoj is a printed magazine and digital hub. You might remember me mentioning them not so long ago. Made up of both academics and practitioners it deals with Fashion in a lovingly critical way, that I haven’t really come across before. Looking at Fashion in relationship to slowness, material memories and shame just to mention a few of their themes. If you like analytical, deeply interested writing this is definitely for you.

Fillip K Circle is an initiative by the Swedish designer of the same name. After two years of research they created a platform to discuss sustainable and circular practices within the Fashion industry. The site has a commercial purpose, but the actual result is pretty transparent and interesting. I especially loved this article on Wool and it’s environmental impact.

Just an fyi. I am in no way affiliated or paid by anybody to share these links. Not now not ever.

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The First Mass (kind of)

  • Excellent tip off on the vestoj magazine – I just read their piece on slowness and it was super interesting and beautifully written too.

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