All of a sudden it’s May next year

Oh has it been a while!

First I just gotta say that this is such a weird post to write. The whole quintessential “sorry for the quiet” thing. It is the Mac and Cheese of blog posts. Classic but sooo basic. I’ve definitely read many and most likely written a few myself and now it seems I can’t shape a sentence without it being the absolute biggest kliché. So I’ll keep it simple and let you know what’s been going on so we can get on with the program. I have so many things to share but I feel like a big HELLO AGAIN and a little update is probably in order first.

When I started this site last year I was in the process of moving to Sweden with my boyfriend Christopher. Our rent in Copenhagen was too damn high as it tends to be in the city. So we decided to rethink our situation. If we lived in the country we would have smaller expenses and could increase our time spent on making art, touching fiber and just be in nature. It has always been a dream of mine to be more self sufficient, to grow stuff and actually see the moon every night. We decided that the time was now and borrowed a little guesthouse from Chris’s mom who lives in southern Sweden, our location of choice, and basically spend most of our time searching for a place of our own. On the side we build two small businesses to keep from going broke. I think of the whole process a bit like how people describe the military; break everything down and then rebuild. There was basically no structure or familiar routines to hold onto there for a while, which was equally exciting and scary. As I wrote in my first post here I had been and still was without a home of my own so this site served as a kind private space where I had the ultimate say. My anchor of sorts.

October last year we finally found a house on the coast and fell in love completely. It was (and totally still is) old, big and completely run down. The area is a perfect mix of sea, oak trees and fields lined with stonewalls so I really dont mind. We begun renovating to bring it up to a liveable standard as well as continuing work on our start-up businesses. This is about the time I decided to press the pause button on the blog, there was a lot of life getting in the way. Now we’ve gotten rid of a literal ton of musty 70´s linoleum, relocated a bunch of mice and have happily moved in. I’m starting to feel more and more settled and have even fixed myself an office space to work from. There is time and headspace to knit and design again so I think it is time to press play.  I just realised that Temple of Knit turned 1  a few weeks ago and I didn’t even notice. Maybe the best way to celebrate the anniversary is to bring it back to life. I’ve definitely missed it.

Hope you’re all doing great!



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All of a sudden it’s May next year

  • Libby Walsh says:

    Hello Simone
    How lovely to have found you and welcome back……I don’t do facebook, Instagram or such stuff but I do surf the net and am getting into Ravelry. I found your site this morning and love it. Stay natural and do what feels right and I look forward to sharing your life and your patterns. Thank you and bless you . Libby

  • So glad all is well and lovely to hear from you again.

    1. Thank you Rose, It’s good to be back!

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