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My name is Simone, and this is were I worship the sweet sticky wool.

I was born in a hippie commune in the middle of the Danish capitol Copenhagen. Now I reside in a small house by the sea in southern Sweden. Between then and now I’ve studied Photography at an Art Academy in Gothenburg, travelled the world and tried to learn as much as possible on the way.

A lot of people grow up with knitting, but making in my family mostly consisted of ceramics and glassblowing. So I taught myself (or youtube did) about 4 years ago and I am now in that lovely stage where the subject under scrutiny just keeps expanding more and more the closer I  look. Marvellous.  This of course leaves me with a lot of questions, so I figured this could be a place to ask from, share and learn in.

Want to say hey or ask me something? Please do I love mail! Send it to this address:

If you want to hang at Ravelry you can find me here